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MCHAP Cycle 4 / 2022
The Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize at the Illinois Institute of Technology, founded in 2012 in Chicago, is a biennial award recognizing excellence in built works of architecture in the Americas.​ MCHAP defines excellence in a holistic sense: it evaluates how works of architecture integrate natural, built, and human ecologies to enhance the quality of the places where we live. Grounded by an awareness of the present, MCHAP optimistically points to the future.

The works MCHAP celebrates inspire, educate, and challenge their users, the international design community, and the wider public. With sensitivity and intelligence, these projects achieve a formal, material, social, and environmental synergy. They realize opportunities for architecture— understood through both what architecture is, as a physical structure, and what it does, in the experiences and connections it creates.

The prize is a platform bringing nominators, jury members, students, faculty, practitioners, and clients into an essential dialogue about what architecture makes possible. The result is a rich array of outputs: engaging events and symposia, inventive studios and workshops, and globally recognized publications.
What is MCHAP? An introduction to Cycle 4
Anahuacalli Museum, remodeling and expansion / MCHAP 4 Winner
Taller Mauricio Rocha
Mexico City, Mexico
Guadalupe Market / MCHAP 4 Finalist
Colectivo C733
José Amozurrutia, Gabriela Carrillo, Israel Espín, Carlos Facio, Eric Valdez
Tapachula, Mexico
The Menil Drawing Institute / MCHAP 4 Finalist
Johnston Marklee
Houston, TX
Park in the Prado neighborhood / MCHAP 4 Finalist
Edgar Mazo
Medellín, Colombia
Polygon Gallery / MCHAP 4 Finalist
Patkau Architects
North Vancouver, Canada
Valois Building / MCHAP 4 Finalist
José Cubilla
Asunción, Paraguay
The complete Film / MCHAP 4
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